What is FLAC Player?

Lossless Audio Codec or FLAC is an audio format identical to MP3 but lossless. This means that audio is crammed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is identical to how ZIP works except that with FLAC you get better audio quality as it is draft definitely for audio. You can also play back FLAC files in your best- loved player just like you would a MP3 file. As the fastest most widely supported lossless audio codec FLAC stands out.

Why flac converter?

1. FLAC is asymmetric in flavor of decode speed. Decoding only requires integer arithmetic and is much less compute-intensive than most perceptual codec.
2. The encoding of audio data incurs no loss of material and the decoding audio is a bit for bit spitting image to what went in the encoder. The honor of the audio data is further insured by reserved on MD5 signature of the earliest audio data in the file header which can be measured against later during decoding in testing.
3. FLAC supports fast sample authentic seeking. Not only is this useful for the playback but it makes FLAC files appropriate for use in editing applications.
4. Due to FLAC’s framing, run errors limit the damage to the frame in which the error occurred, typically a small fraction of a second worth of data. Measured against with some other lossless codec, in which a single error dismantles the remainder of the run.